Hey everyone, it's Fluffy here! I saw the answers from the poll and I agree with everyone, I think I should be in the website more often. Since it's Spring Break, I'll probably post everyday. Also, chapter 2 of the story that I started off with. If you haven't read, check it out and tell me how it is. Also, I'm drawing some dolls and it will a spring theme! Obviously because it is spring break. It's going to be hard because my mom keeps nagging me about doing my CRCT practice. I'm just glad that all of this will be over and school will end soon. I'm having a lot of fun, though. My next door neighbor comes outside to play and usually calls me over. He just loves to play badminton. Also, I'm ecstatic because INDIA WON THE WORLD CUP OF 2011 for CRICKET!!! Anyway, I have to go back and work on that story, finish the dolls, and do my CRCT practice.
See you later peeps,

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