Just like Ice Cream said, we had a lot of snow! Well, for Georgia. In the north, this would be nothing. But anyway, it has done us a whole lot of good. We haven't had school for three days! Which gives me plenty of time to do my science project presentation. (Not really. I'm actually working on it now. I just ignored it the past few days.) I went out and made a penguin on Monday, and was very proud of it. Until my mom told me that she liked my "duck." My parents made a snow man that looks like it's half-melted. (It looked like that when they just started, still looks like that now.) Well, better get back to my science project. Bye, and for those of you who have it, enjoy the snow!
*To those of you who (like me) whenever you see an asterisk, look down at the bottom, I'm sorry. That was supposed to be a snowflake. But to make you happy, I'll add this- the top of the snow froze into big sheets of ice. So I had to pull those up to get to the good snow to make my penguin. (Not duck, mommy!)

1/12/2011 05:28:25

Ha-ha-ha! That's so funny, Lily!


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