After lots of nagging from Lily, I, the totally awesome Silver Star (aka Silver), have finally decided to post! While exploring this site, you will most commonly find my name in the Short Stories or the Riddles section of the site. I also suggest you keep an eye out for Ice Cream's screenplay for her reality show Ice Cream Rocks!'.


Edit from Lily- I didn't nag her! I just told her I didn't see her contributing after she refused to admit that I was awesome because I had figured out how to put polls on the website! (To Silver-sorry I messed up your post. :P)

Edit from Silver- (To Lily) Don't worry about it! Having edits from other people just makes the posts more fun to read, in my opinion anyways.

Edit from Fluffy- (To Both) Hahaha... I love it when you both fight, its just soo funny. P.S. Sorry in advance for any grammer mistakes.

Edit from Ice Cream- (to Fluffy) they weren't fighting they were just having a unheated conversation.  And I realized my name is the only one with out an abbreviation, but I definitely don't want to be called Ice.  

Edit from Silver (again...)- (To All) Why do all of you have to comment on this post? Why don't you comment on the post where Ice Cream is freaking out because of school? (To Viewers) I am pretty sure that all of you enjoy our bickering. If you have any comments about it, feel free to contact us at

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