Hi guys, Silver here. I am so sorry I didn't post for such a long time! I was failing one of my classes (don't ask) so my dad wouldn't let me use the laptop until I brought my grade up. I have so much to tell you guys, so get ready for a pretty long blog post! I was thinking about my site alias, and wanted to change it to Selena Silver, and I personally think it sounds much better than Silver Star. (Please give me your opinion on this). Anyways, I was thinking of writing a short story about why I couldn't post, and I'll be sure to make it hilarious! I drew a doll named Marie who wears spring sundresses, but I haven't been able to post her due to my scanner not working right. On top of that, my parents were so disappointed in me when they got an email from my teacher telling them that I was failing, and I basically blew their trust in me for a while. I am in so much trouble. In fact, I shouldn't be on the computer at all right now, but since my parents are out walking, I decided to take the chance. As I always say (well, not really) "What they don't know cant hurt them". My parents are back! Gotta go!
- Au R

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