Hey guys,
It's me, Fluffy. I have a reason why I haven't been posting lately. It's because I felt sick. This is the first time it hit me this hard. Right after I came from school, I collapsed on my bed, and I couldn't get up. Even if this was today, I felt sick, dizzy, and etc. before. Oh well, I have enough energy to type this. If I don't, I'm probably a stupid weakling. Anyway, I have been working on the next chapter, but I guess I have writer's block. I'm trying to make it as interesting as possible. So far, there is a huge thing going on. I hope you can check it out. And about the paper dolls, I never got to give to the master brain and let her do the copying on the computer stuff. I promise that will be up soon. They are spring related and soon after that, I will start drawing the summer clothing. I know I'm really bad bad I'm trying as hard as I can. 
Got to go, 
Fluffy :)
P.S. I just took the Harry Potter housing quiz! Click here to check out my results! And click here if you want to take the quiz!

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