Hey just figured I'd telll you about my holidays.  Well, Silver, Lily and I have to finish up a big school project before our break ends. I can't say about Lily and Silver (that's up to them.) but my Aunt is visiting us for a bit.  We havn't done anything intresting yet except two parties but we will be doing something soon!  Sorry you've been hearing from me a lot but I'm not all that busy with work, vacations, or anything major like that.  Please comment to me so I can learn.  I can actually handle constructive critisism unlike some people (cough cough) so feel free to tell me what you think. 
12/25/2010 04:50:41

hey i just wannna say cant wait 4 ur story and if its not that awesome ill still rate u nicely. ur randomn page sounds totally wackd funny cant wait ciao!


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