Hey, I know Silver mentioned her fanfiction ratings before.  Mine are rated T, just to be safe but I think they are pretty safe for ages 8+.  I don't have any foul language or anything inappropriate, but I know some younger kids' parents don't let them watch tv shows with stuff like dating and kissing, so just letting you know some stuff like that will be in it.  Speaking of television, do you guys still watch Disney?  I usually just watch Wizards of Waverly Place or Phineas and Ferb, but I turned on the tv, on Friday, and a movie called Lemonade Mouth had just started.  Apparently, it was the premiere and I was like, I forgot about this movie.  Turns out it was based off of a book, (what isn't nowadays?), and I want to read that.  The movie was really good, and no offense to High School Musical, or Camp Rock fans, but it was better in my opinion.  Just check it out, I know the title is a little weird, but its symbolic.  The characters are realistic, so some people will be able to relate to some of them.  The music was really good too.  I have one of the songs stuck in my head.  Watch the song below.  I volunteered at a preschool carnival yesterday with Lily.  We ate really good pizza.  Fluffy being Fluffy, signed up with us even though she was already going to Six Flags.  Lily was at the food both getting hamburgers, I was at an inflatable alligator, where I stood at the exit which was the alligator's mouth, to make sure no kids snuck in the wrong way.  I went to someone's house and they had spicy pizza again.  Yum!  I didn't get to eat any ice cream though. :(  I will get back to the story very soon I promise!  I couldn't find a video with just the whole song and the video so you have to skip ahead a little to see the song.  For some reason, some parts of the movie aren't online.  There is actually two songs in this part, they are both good, but my favorite is "Determinate". 
~Ice Cream Out!

4/18/2011 08:04:00

I like that song too, Ice Cream! "Gotta turn the world into your dance floor". "Determinate, Determinate". Whenever you click on the video, it says this video is unavailable due to copyright claim by Disney.

Ice Cream
4/18/2011 10:08:27

Oh, sorry. It worked when I put the video up.


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