Hi everyone. It's me. Do you like the title? I'm just kinda bored, and I've edited just about everything on this site. Except for Fluffy's "this is a short massage" message. <snicker> Yeah. You know how in school they make you find the "symbolism" and all that in books? What if the author didn't have any? Do you still find it? God. It's like cutting up a lily and saying, "Isn't it more beautiful now that you know exactly what's inside it even though you weren't supposed to?" Ughh. Do you like the picture on the side? It was called snow dance or something like that. I'm kind of out of ramblings now. Except this- why do ladies like to pinch babies' chubby cheeks? Is it like when you see something that says "Do Not Touch", you feel like touching it? I don't know. I'm sorry I wasted space with my ramblings. If you haven't guessed who this is already....... guess now.
1/2/2011 01:11:56 am

Hey Lily! Yeah, I do like the title.
You do ramble a lot. I didn't get anything you said. Try making things easier! :)


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