Hey guys,
It's me, Fluffy! Sorry my post is a bit late. But, I have an excuse! Well, lets just call it "mothers day is today and my brother's prom day was yesterday". I woke up at 8:00 A.M. yesterday and went to go get ready for my dance class. Later, my brother tells me that I have to go pick his date up. And that was before I went to go to my Dance class. After I left to dance class, I had to stay for two hours!! I usually stay for one hour. Then, my dad was late to pick me up. Later, I had to wait for one hour in the car without any food since the morning, while the sun was scorching on us. I got mad at all this, so when we got home, I went to bed and fell asleep. My brother told me to wake up and pick her up, but I shouted at him, and he just went himself. I felt like a jerk because I did that. Anyway, today morning, I had to go to that class, and as usual, my teacher is weird. Just ask Lily. We did a lot of funny stuff, and I ended up being "Amy". Haha, that was funny. After we got home, I took a couple of pics with my bro in his tux. We went to return the tux to the store after that, and we went to the Gwinnet mall. And now, we returned home, so I can tyoe this. Funny, right? No, I thought so.
Well, I got to go,

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