Its me, Fluffy! I really wanted to show the music video that I really wanted to show everyone at Lily's house. But, no sweat, I got the time now while I was working on my science project. I'm just done working on for today. I know, I didn't get too far. :(
Anyway, I feel sleepy at 9:35 P.M. at night. That is not stopping me to show you my favorite music video/the song right now! It's Grenade by Bruno Mars. He has a cool name but I wonder where he got it from because his real name is Peter Gene Hernandez! It is really weird. But, check out the song! the end in really sad, I think that lady is mean, cruel and sad! She is stupid. Well, at least the person he was talking about, not the actress. peace!
P.S. I know i copied Ice Cream, but I think she said it was okay at Lily's house.

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