Hi guys, Silver here? How was your Labor Day weekend? Mine was okay, I guess... Anyways, I was just thinking, (I know, I almost never think)  and I thought of another contest that will probably start in about a week or so, after the current contest ends.
    This is the contest: I would like for you to send us a picture that represents autumn. It can be a picture of anything, such as scenery, pumpkins etc... The winner of the contest gets to choose what they want as a prize. Here are the options (which are still subject to change):
1. A paper doll of any theme you want (done by Silver)
2. A story (one shot or chaptered) written with the theme of your choosing.
3. (I'm still thinking of a third prize; I'll let you know one the contest is officially posted)
Hasta Pronto!
- Silver

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