Hey guys, this is Lily and Silver. We managed to put up the paper doll, and it took a lot of work on our part (well, mainly Lily's). First, I had to draw the doll. Do you know how many freaking times I redrew that thing? (Uh oh. Frustrated Lily. Better run.) Then I had to beg my parents for Prismacolors. And then, I actually had to figure out how to open the box so that easel would work. (You know what, ignore that. Way too hard to explain.) And after that, I had to actually color them! I felt sad after that because it didn't come out as wonderfully as I wished. After that I had to SCAN it. And then find a program to enhance it. I don't have Photoshop, so I found another program called Microsoft Picture Manager, which doesn't have that many features, but did what I needed. And then the hard part came in. (If I didn't know better, I'd say everything was the hard part.) I actually had to post it on the site. Just ask Silver how much I had. (That was more a lot more torturous than school. And I thought nothing was worse than school.) Finding a way to get a bigger image was so hard. (We were on the phone for more than an hour trying to figure it out. So you better appreciate our [Lily's!] hard work, or we will kill you. Jk...kind of.) Please comment, but try not to criticize too much. Or else, take a leaf out of Ice Cream's book and go constructive. Enjoy!
1/16/2011 01:05:33 am

Sorry Lily( and Silver) for all the work you had to
go through! But you finished it!

1/18/2011 10:58:27 am

Hey! I did most of the work! No offense, Silv.

Ice Cream
1/19/2011 07:40:28 am

Lily showed me the doll. It was very good! Fluffy wants to add another page with stuff from her (she wanted vlogs) since Lily and Silver do the dolls and I do the random page.


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