Sorry its been forever since I last posted.  Currently Silver is probably still in the airport waiting to get on her plane, so you probably won't hear from her for a while.  I don't know when Lily or Fluffy wil get on, but since our end of term testing is finally OVER!  We can now post regularly.  I'l try to get more posts up each week.  Fluffy will get on soon I hope, and Lily will try to get her computer fixed.  I'll put up another post, tommorow is the last day of school!  I sign everyone's yearbook with a weird random saying, like watch out for aliens!  Toodles my poodles!
Sorry this is a really short post, I'll be back soon!  This summer will not be a bummer.  Join us on June 23, the silent moonstone half-birthday celebration!  We will be holding contests, polls and new stories for you!  
~Ice Cream out!

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