I'm quite sure that hiatus isn't the appropriate term to use, but I like that word. I am SO SORRY that I haven't been a good moonstone lately. I have a big dance performance in SC, so we've had to practice EVERY DAY of these last two weeks. Then, I have to come home and practice, and I have to do other stuff too, so I've quite literally had no free time. But on the bright side, the performance is tomorrow, so after that I'll be able to renovate the website. I'm going to have access to a computer more now, so don't worry! I'm working on a video for you guys! I'd be done by now, but I need to record my voice and that's proving difficult on the computer. So bear with me for a little while, and I will fix all of this. I am writing a story, but it's coming out badly. I <3 the idea, but I'm being a bad writer, so it looks like a six year old wrote it. :( Well, not in terms of penmanship (but my mother would disagree), but in terms of skill. Meanwhile, entertain yourselves by reading! I just read a book, and the main character has the same birthday as me! I was so excited. I won't say which book, but I'll recommend others.

Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
H.I.V.E. by I think Mark Walden


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