Fail title. Eh, it's 11:45 pm. Well, we're probably going to get together for my birthday, which is in a few days. So, I'd like to invite you to join a chat session with us... no, that's how celebrities do it. Basically, send or comment with any questions you want to ask about us. No questions that are too personal, and no homework questions. That's about it. Ask questions specific to one of us, that's fine,You can get the questions to us in a few ways:
  1. Comment, of course. You can totally do that.
  2. Tweet! If you have a Twitter account, start a tweet by mentioning us and ask your question.
  3. Email!
  4. Youtube. I'll make a video soon for this, post a video reply or comment to that. 
That's it. I have science homework to finish. Have fun with this! Leave your name, and we'll try to answer your question. I think we can do all of them.


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