Hi everyone,

    Fluffy here and guess what? I didn't go to school today because my dad, brother and uncle left for a 14 hour drive to New York for some reason and now, its just me and my mom at our house. My dad really knows how to bother people. He called 50 times so far, literally. I'm just getting sick of all of this. My mom made me stay at home with her because there are some people coming to paint our house, but they didn't come at all because they never got the mail. Another reason is because, I'm sick! well, I'm not too happy but look on the bright side, no school, right? I'm ok with it for one day.

Thanks for listening to me all of you.
P.S. Someone sent me mail that i should change my alias to milestone walk, what do you think?
Milestone out? I don't know!
P.P.S. I have been working on some paper dolls, check it out, it will be up soon!
2/17/2011 05:25:32 am

Oh, that's why I didn't have a headache in school today! Just kidding, Fluffy. Or Walk. I <3 you.

2/17/2011 06:42:14 am

Hi Lily, nice to see you too.
What do you think of the grammar and everything about this post?

Also, What about the different alias?


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