Hello people. I am so tired right now. I've just been practicing dance for a long time and my legs hurt. I want to sleep, but will post anyway because that's what dedicated people like me do. So- I'm working on lots of new stuff and improvements for the site. You will appreciate my lack of blogging when I do get that stuff up. I hope. So, what is up with you people? Well, it's not like you're actually going to tell me, but I'll make you feel wanted anyway. :) Okay, nothing more to bore you with except today's funny P.E. story- there's this song in Spanish I learned in fourth grade. It means- the butterfly is in the kitchen making chocolate for her neighbors. Since I don't take Spanish, I just went by what the fourth grade music teacher said it meant, which was- the butterfly is in the kitchen making chocolate for YOUR neighbors. Silver takes Spanish and alerted me to that fact today after I went around telling everyone that the butterfly should get the heck out of my kitchen, and if she's making chocolate, she should be giving it to ME. Now I feel annoyed and embarassed.

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