You don't get the reason for the title, do you? Well, you're not supposed to get it, unless you're Lily. In that case: WE ARE SO FRIGGIN' AWESOME! All right, (see Lily, I can use that word correctly!) I have some good news for y'all. What? Oh, you want to know the good news. Well, here it is: NOTHING!! Hahaha! I got you GOOD! I really don't know why I'm posting; just bored, I guess. I'm currently working on those one-shot stories that I promised would be up, and Lily and I were just planning our next few paper dolls, which should also be up relatively soon. The colored version of my paper doll will definitely be up tomorrow, or even tonight; it all depends on my mood (or Lily's erm.... not-so-gentle urging). I suppose that's all I have to say...
Hasta la Vista
<3 Silver

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