Hey everyone! This is Lily, Ice Cream, and Silver. (We miss you, Fluffy!) We just wanted to post about National Book Month! Whooo! (We're such nerds.) We found out because we were looking up National Ice Cream Month (July) and National Chocolate Month (Feburary). Here's the site if you want to look at more...
http://www.quamada.com/months.html. There's actually a water hygiene month. <snicker> (August) Yeah. This post wasn't that much about National Book Month.
1/1/2011 05:57:02 am

how come you guys didnt tell me that
the website is gonna meet up...i
could've came u know. Instead, im stuck at home!! <snears>

1/1/2011 11:11:24 am

We were meeting for the project, puppy! And we met up, not the website! You also spelled sneer wrong. Do you even know what that means? :P


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