It's Lily, and here are the details of my first contest. Well, contests.
In short stories- "To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."
This is a quote that has always intrigued me, from my favorite book.

Contest- Who wrote this book? Who said the above sentence in that book? Who was he talking to?
Prize- you decide the basic scenario and characters of one of my stories.

In paper dolls- What was the name of the first manufactured paper doll?
Prize- you pick a type of doll I draw- who she is and what kind of clothes she wears.

These shouldn't be too hard. The second one is a matter of who can find the answer first, basically. Have fun!

Um, for the paper doll one, wasn't it Little Fanny, S&J Fuller?


The book one, dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone by JK Rowling :) absolutely amazing series :)


Good job, Kate and Eleanore! Kate- what type of doll do you want, and what clothes do you want her to wear? (I can change basically the hair color and texture, skin color, ears and underclothes)Eleanore- what do you want the basic scenario and some of the characters of my next story to be? Answer soon!


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