Hi guys, Silver here. I had a dance performance today, and my friends and I drove the crowd wild! I'm really proud of myself because I was so nervous beforehand, but when I got on stage, it's almost as if all my problems melted away. It was such an amazing feeling!
    I'm sorry I can't put the pictures up; they would reveal my identity and Fluffy's (she was singing). A lot of our classmates attended the performance, and I hope that they don't recognize me because I was wearing a pretty skimpy stage costume with a lot of makeup, and I would hate to be remembered like that.
    I might be able to draw a doll with the stage costumes we've used so far. I really wish Ice Cream could have danced with us, but she was in Florida; I hope she had fun there.
    I gotta go; it's dinner time.
- Hasta Luego!

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