Hi everyone, it's Lily. I am so tired, but I wanted to get this done. I'm not actually multitasking right now, I just was thinking about that subject. Well, I kind of am- I'm printing a doll from Liana's Paper Doll Blog. It's Ivy, and the dress I printed was the one I won from a contest last year.
    I can usually only do two things at a time. A week or so ago, though, I was doing my homework, reading a book, and folding an origami crane at the same time. I was quite proud of myself. Just goes to show what it takes to make me proud. ;) And now, I'm also cutting out the doll and dress.
    Umm. Nothing else to say on the subject of multitasking. How about a contest-quiz? Here it is, please be appropriate!

  1. What is your preferred name? (Just put a nickname, name you wish you had, pseudonym, real name, anything. But don't put anything along the lines of Joe Bob or I will disqualify you!)
  2. What hobby of yours do you think you could turn into a business? Please describe the business!
  3. What makes you happy?
  4. What is your favorite thing about this site?
  5. Umm... open question- tell me something else about you!

     I'll select a winner randomly to receive a prize. The prize may or may not be from me. But anyone who enters will get recognition and a consolation prize!
5/16/2011 12:24:42 am

1. Kate, of course! (Even though that's not my real name. :P haha)

2. Floristry.

3. Friends, fun, when my sketch turns out good.

4. How you guys are like my age. And how there's a lot of diversity.

5. I'm a vegetarian. I am also fostering kittens.


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