That means my birthday, by the way. This is Lily... First of all, thanks SO MUCH, Silver, for the birthday greetings! I miss you too! Every time I see someone with long, curly black hair I rush up to the them and almost tap them before I remember that you're not here.
    Kate also wished me earlier- she remembered my birthday was in August and gave me mental balloons. Thanks Kate!
    My birthday was pretty good- I had to go to school though, It was good while eating cake and jelly beans and getting presents and stuff, but not while doing homework and that stuff. My cake was the same as last year- a big ice cream sandwich. It was some genius in my family's idea to put it in the fridge, so it kinda melted. Then when we tried to cut it, most of the ice cream squished out. It was delicious though, and pretty, even if it was messy. You know, last year we couldn't cut it, this year it's too soft. Weird.
    Fluffy gave me presents- some body spray, gum. and hand sanitizer. My favorite was the hand sanitizer, though it smells strange. It has those cool little blue spheres in it. My daddy got me jelly beans- the 31-flavor Jelly Belly pack. I ate it all and got a tummy ache. It was so good though!
    The morning went really badly- I couldn't find clothes or my contacts. While I was putting my contact in, my parents gave me an orange cupcake with a candle in it. I thought it was a real fire for a second because my vision was blurry. Then my contact came out and I saw it was a cupcake. :D It was delicious, btw.
    I'm starting to think and talk like Laurie Halse Anderson writes- stupidly and terribly, no offense to anyone who likes her writing. I find her book Speak boring, stupid, badly written, and pointless like a new pencil.


That sounds like a pretty interesting birthday! Mine are usually pretty boring... I love the "as pointless as a new pencil" similie, btw. Again, Happy (late) Birthday!


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