Hi, it's Lily!
My magical Potterized name is... Lily.
    The above annoyed me like.. like.. idk. It really annoyed me. And Icy was wrong. I included the link for the name generator for you. I love, love, love, Harry Potter. I've read the first two books about 70 times each. I am seriously not kidding, I really have read them that much. Maybe a little closer to 60. But really, that's not an exaggeration.
    We were going to have a Harry Potter food day for our school's Harry Potter club. Icy, Silv, and I all got together and made Butterbeer and Chocoballs. We were so proud.. and guess what happened today? Apparently, the founding seven of the club didn't tell the teacher sponsor who was going to bring what. She thought only one person signed up, and it was canceled. After all our hard work! She said we could take it to school on that day anyway, but SOMEONE (Well, two someones. Silver and Icy.) didn't want to do that. And they were very ungrateful, as I did most of the planning. You know, Icy has trouble making decisions. I think her role model is Rebecca Black.
    So, who's going to watch the last Harry Potter movie? I know I am! I might be able to convince my mommy, who loves Harry Potter too, to let me go to the very first show. It would be really cool if it was at midnight or two o'clock. Fluffy is in love with.. never mind, I don't know if she'd be okay with me putting that on the site.

I am working on the Maid Marian paper doll.
Please read my two tweets in response to Icy thinking that she'll pay someone to name their poor kid Bobert. On the side of the site, click the down arrow to see all the tweets in that conversation.
Story chapter will be up ASAP.

I might take a break from the website after I start my new story and finish the paper doll.. It's getting a little overwhelming. During the CRCT week, I might not post. (Next week.) On that cheerful note, bye!

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