I think I'm going senile. I started talking to my pancakes today.
    They weren't really pancakes- they're made of rice and lentil and whatever else my mother puts into it batter. Pancakes are really the best way to explain them, except you spread them out with a ladle on the griddle and... oh, never mind.
    Anyway, I asked them if I had put oil on them yet. I'm serious. Out loud. Well, in a whisper, because my mum was on the phone. But still. In my defense, they dry up and take forever to scrape off and don't taste that great if you don't, so it was an important question.
    It's probably the stress. We have EOCTs (End Of Course Tests) and I have a big project due on Friday that is impossible to finish last minute.
    I should go finish. But check out this website. It is incredibly awesome. I especially love the holder for charging your phone. Genius.

Make It And Love It
- Lily

P.S. Today's color scheme is repetitive, analogous, and pastel, for those of you who are also up to your eyebrows in work and have horrible headaches.  Also, I'm working on a vlog.

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