Today, I read the sad story of the loneliest whale in the world.
    I advise you not to cross this point if you are already sad. I'll even put the rest under read more. So, sad people, watch this instead.
    This poor whale roams the oceans alone, singing its song with a metronome-like commitment- but to no avail. Nicknamed the 52-hertz whale, its songs are much higher than other baleen whales, which sing from 15-25 hertz. Other whales cannot hear it, and its species is unknown. It doesn't even follow a set migration path, which you can see here.
    The navy has been tracking it for almost two decades, but no one has ever seen it. It recently came near Alaska, the closest it has ever come to land.
    I find something unlikely however- why hasn't it ever come across any other pod of whales? That may be the randomness of its migration path, but...
    Click here to hear the 52-hertz whale.
          - Lily

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