Ok, I haven't updated in ages, I had so much to say about the HP7 movie premiere which I went to with Lily and Nimrod, my school, and Pottermore.  So let's get down. 
1) Premiere was amazing even though we were all sad and emotional at the end of it.  I wish Silver had been there. I also went on vacation afterwards, and I visited the Walmart capital where my aunt and uncle live, I also went to Texas to visit some other relatives and we went to the Dr. Pepper factory.  They constantly made fun of coke there, (it was in good humor but they probably meant it), obviously they didn't know I was from Georgia! 
2) School has been great and all, it was difficult at first, but I made friends and we all get along with each other generally.  Of course there's always that kid or few kids no one can stand, but no school is perfect.  Although I lack the large harry potter fanbase I was used to back at my old school. 
3) I got into over the summer and got my welcome email recently.  I'll admit to being a bit disappointed with the lack of interaction  but since I'm a beta tester they'll probably look into my feedback as well as the other beta testers who had similar responses.  I was sorted into hufflepuff! Although I was surprised I'm cool with it, since I do have many traits of that house, (kindness, loyalty, tolerance, fairness, hard working), and Lily is in Hufflepuff too.  Silver and Fluffy don't have beta accounts but they'll join in October when its open to all.  If you have a beta account, leave your username in the comments, and I'll send you a friend request, or you can send one to me, my username is RiverWitch15.  If you don't have one, we can join up in October. 
Away to L.A. is currently on hiatus, sorry guys, even though I haven't been updating anyways, but I'll get back to it.  Lily and I wrote a personality quiz a while back, while Silver wrote a which Silent Moonstone are you quiz which we will get up when we can.  I believe that Lily is working on a sorting quiz for the Hogwarts Houses, but I'll have to get back to you on that. 
I've been hooked on certain television shows, and also my current novel series is The Secret Circle. 
I know the author also wrote Vampire Diaries, and I'm a little but prejudiced about vampire stories.  But it came before the vampire trend, including Twilight and I've heard its a lot better than Twilight, plus this series is pretty good too.  Its about a secret coven of witches in a town called New Salem.  It doesn't come close to Harry Potter(obviously, who can?), or Percy Jackson but its still a pretty good book, and they are making it into a televison show.  I actually found out about the show first and wanted to read the series because Phoebe Tonkin is going to be in the show and I planned on watching it, but from the description and the number of characters cut out, its going to be changed a lot.  That's all for now!
~Ice Cream Out!


Hey, that's so cool! My grandmother lives a few minutes from the "walmart capital" or the place it was invented, you know. Creepy...but a nice long post! Great to read!


Ice Cream

Cool! Yea, but its nice to give different books a chance even if its out of your comfort zone.


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