Hey guys,
Fluffy here! Guess what, I had tons of fun with Silver at the place where we went to perform today. I was really not supposed too, but they called my singing teacher because they ran short on performances. She really didn't care and wasn't going to do it in the first place. But, she ended up picking my class and making us perform last minute. We found out that we were going to perform the day before yesterday, but we only practiced yesterday. The practice was tiring because we went to our teacher's house at 4:00 and we left her house at 7:00. Anyway, I had tons of fun with the people Silver got to dance with, they are really cool people. Silver's dance was amazing! Especially the end where there were two people who made this really cute face. I, on the other hand, ended up doing horrible. Shame on me! I wish I could show you the amazing dance and not my horrible singing, but I can't. :( I really am sorry.

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