Hello again people! (It looks like I really do have the time to post every day!). If you haven't already figured out who it is, you can probably guess from reading the previous blog post (and all the crazy colors!). Okay, okay, I'll tell you! IT'S SILVER!!! You know you missed me; don't lie to yourselves. I love Winter Break! I have been reading A LOT and I have come across some really great books, which I will make a list of somewhere on this site, and you can look it up if you're interested. If you haven't realized from the lack of posts, my fellow Moonstones have gone on vacation; I will too, but my family is leaving on Wednesday. Looks like we'll finally have an occasion to use the new travel blog Lily put up! Back to the topic of this blog, IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! As in, the wonderful day before Christmas; aren't you excited?! Well, you should be because SANTA CLAUS is coming TONIGHT!! To all those people who're thinking that I'm crazy, the following statement will not help my case. SANTA CLAUS IS REAL! REAL, I TELL YOU, REAL!!!!!! Just kidding, or am I? You'll never know ;) MWAHAHAHA!
<3 Silver Star
12/24/2011 03:05:17

Sorry about the overall weirdness of the post; I was on a sugar high... The end seems a bit Ice Cream-esque, don't you think?


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