Hi everyone! It's Lily, and I''m back from Florida. That's why this site has been so terrible (jk)- I can't blog from my iPod. Anyway, I went to the Kennedy Space Center and Islands of Adventure. Did you know that it's sometimes so crowded in the Harry Potter part you actually have to get a ticket to just get in there? <growl> My dad and I ditched the rest of my family and went there. We went at one, and they told us we had to come back to the Harry Potter place at 6:40! It was totally worth it though. The rides were awesome, even though we had to wait one and a half hours to get into Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey. It was still worth it, though. If any of you ever go, tell me!
Shruti M
12/31/2010 07:41:53

To Lily! You told me that already! I am a VIP guest! I live down the street from you!! Tell me more in the blog, less with the mouth! No offense meant!

1/1/2011 13:29:47

So you don't want me to talk to you, you want me to tell you it all in the blog???


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