Hey, its me again Fluffy Puppy. I guess i'm not of a busy person just like Ice Cream over there. Well...I really had fun playing in the snow of "White Christmas" with my next door neighbor and it was pretty fun, suggesting he was 4 years old. It was still fun though and I, personally want to wish all of you a great White Christmas with everyone you know and I had a great White Christmas and I want to know how your White Christmas is/was.

Oh, don't forget to send pictures of your White Christmas and any cool videos or really anything that is cool. Thanks! :)  
nish nish
12/25/2010 10:39:09 pm

hey fluffy puppy, im having a great
time in ohio!! yah we had a great day here 2! email me...i need to talk more nd luv the website :)

<3 u!!!
nish fish!!


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