Hey, Silver here!
Sorry we haven't updated in a while guys. We were all so stressed out with the amount of work our teachers have been giving us and the class trip to Savannah, Georgia didn't help the stress levels go down at all.
Don't get me wrong, I love the city of Savannah. It is such an awesome place, and I would totally recommend the city for vacations. We went to River Street, the beach, Fort Jackson and also went on a tour of the city.
It was amazing to say the least, and I'll try to get a link to the pictures up for you guys; the ones without us in them anyways.

I thought about my story, and decided that I needed to edit it, so I just finished putting the 'Character Details' post up on the short stories page, so please check it out!

As for my life right now, I'm supposed to read Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell for my Language Arts outside reading assignment, and that book is huge! It has 1,448 pages; as I said before, huge!

Be on the lookout for more updates from Lily and Ice Cream, and maybe even a post from Fluffy. After all, it is Spring Break!

How's life for you guys? (Feel free to email us with the answer).

- Hasta la Vista

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