I'm so sorry I haven't been posting but we had major testing and then I had to finish my 9-12 PAGE paper.  It wasn't actually as hard as I thought it would be because there was a lot on my topic and the paper was double spaced.  I hope I can create a doll soon, but I am not the most gifted artist so it might be a while.  Today I had so much sugar because people brought lots of unhealthy treats at literature circles.  Why must they tempt me?  At least they didn't bring ice cream! Not that I would be sad, but I would have no control over myself since there was no one there to stop me from eating too much.  We will have the new theme changed soon, so don't fret, we know we are supposed to change the theme every month, I will get to choose the theme in July, which happens to be national ice cream month, and we will celebrate Harry Potter's birthday, which is also in July.  I hope you guys can join us for the celebrations.  The school year is almost over, and so many people are dying to get out.  But, I don't have anything planned this summer and I really have been enjoying this year.  Don't let go of the memories, hold them tight, Don't seperate from them, not tonight.   I just made that up!  Love you all!  Toodles!

~Ice Cream out!

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