Ok, I know I'm killing you guys with all the old stuff I talk about, but I absolutely love Rugrats and All Grown Up! Those were awesome shows, Rugrats has a lot of episodes, but All Grown Up didn't so I was pretty sad. I know you're wondering why I'm talking about this now, but I've rekindled my obsession.  Anyways, I hate it when people get all caught up in which characters should end up together and the show's main genre is overshadowed by the romantic aspect of the show. That's kind of sad.  But, if you want to have a crazy fan war on something that's so miniscule, then no one's stopping you.  I'm sure they'll manage to wage a fan war over Spongebob.  I'd love to see that! Who's your favorite character from Rugrats/All Grown Up?  My favorite is Dil because he's awesomely weird!  Just like me!  Its nice how they've all been best friends for literally forever!  I'm a sucker for all that corny stuff.  I wouldn't have that kind of friendship from birth because I moved a lot when i was younger.  Now, I'm not moving and I have best buddies who are fellow moonstones!!!!!!!!!!!! The poll is on the home page, or you can comment here!
~Ice Cream Out!

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