Hi guys, Silver here! Sorry it's been a really long time since I've last posted; I've been so busy studying for finals and writing term papers and the like. Today is the last day of finals, and after today, I'll be at home for winter break. I'm trying to get  4 dolls that represent each of the 4 Moonstones drawn by tomorrow because it's a really special occasion for all of us at Silent Moonstone. I'm not going to tell you what tomorrow is yet; I'll let you leave your guesses in the comments, and I will confirm them in my next blog post, which should be Saturday morning. Anyways, the holiday season is finally upon us! I'm so excited! You guys have a lot to look forward to over the break; I know Lily and Ice Cream are planning something, but they won't tell me :( I'll let you all in on a little secret (shh! Don't tell Lily, Fluffy or Ice Cream! It's a surprise!). Here it is: I am planning to get the first chapter of my story on the website by tomorrow. I have to go; I'll try to post more later. Happy Holidays to All! I hope you have a very Silent Moonstone Winter Break ;)
-Silver Star <3

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