Hello people, this is Silver, and as the title clearly says, today is my birthday! I'm finally as old as the other Moonstones, who are all about 6 months older than me. I'm so glad that we finally got an answer posed to the question on the "For You" page. Congratulations Kate! You are the winner of our contest, which is now closed. Don't worry, we'll post another one soon; maybe Fluffy can decide this time, since we've all had a turn except for her. Good things have been happening this week, and the best one is that Fluffy is back! I know it seemed like she dropped off the face of the earth, but cut her some slack; she's been pretty busy from what I've heard. <Yawn> I'm sorry that I can't post more at the moment; it's getting pretty late and I'm tired. I'll be sure to post more when I'm free.

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