Hello all people reading this post, it's Silver! You know you love me... Anyways, as you probably guessed from the title, today is the official 1st anniversary of Silent Moonstone!!! Lily, Ice Cream, Fluffy, and I have had a lot of fun on this website, and I sincerely hope that you were amused by our crazy antics as well. Looking back on it, the name for the website was thought up by Ice Cream when she was yelling at us in gym class, and it was Lily's brilliant idea to start the website, and  Fluffy and I helped her create the various parts of it. I still can't believe how many friends we've made through this site, and we, the Moonstones, would like to thank you guys so much for making our website what it is today. Out of gratitude for my fellow Moonstones and you guys, I am making a resolution to post every other day, or every day if possible, and you can certainly look forward to more input from the other Moonstones as well, now that it's Winter Break. Thanks so much for reading this super-long post, and, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILENT MOONSTONE!
- Hasta Pronto! (Translation: See You Soon!)
<3 Silver

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