Hi everyone, it's Lily. I'm pretty happy today! Here"s why..
This morning, we went to the temple for Holi. It's a Hindu celebration,of being equal and quite a few other things. I won't explain too much more, it'll take too long, so click on the link if you want to learn more. My sister was too shy to throw powder at anyone but me, so I came home looking like an abstract painting in Technicolor. Lol. :) (Btw, we didn't mix the powder with anything. No by-products of cows, etc. That was a looong time ago, when people did that.) Racist people- deal with it. Then, I found out that our website is on Bing, Yahoo, and Google now! Yay! Also, no one did anything on the site to annoy me, except for Silver's first chapter being a paragraph long. :o
(Don't ask what's up with all the emoticons.) And last, but not least, of course, one of my best friends is coming over tomorrow! It'll be the first time she's been to my house, which is kind of surprising, considering I've known her for almost two years now.
I wrote some more of my story. It'll be up on the story page in a couple of minutes if not now. If you read this and go check and it's not up, I'm probably typing it. I have extra chapters for you today! Now I have to do that, if you'll excuse me. If you won't excuse me, deal! Jk, bye!

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