No, none of us died. But you won't be hearing from one of us ever again.
    So, it deeply pains us to say this, but after careful consideration and observation, we have decided to remove Fluffy from the website.
    I know, it's harsh. But what can we do? She hasn't posted in at least a month, and when confronted, makes ridiculous excuses that she simply has no time.  (Although her Facebook page and text history say different.) And if you'll go back a few posts, you'll see her not-once fulfilled promises. She has no commitment at all. It's just un-Moonstonian. I mean, she calls herself a moonstone, but never makes a single appearance- not even a measly tweet. It's like joining Jr. Beta and putting the sticker on your car but never volunteering. She can't reap the benefits without work.
    So our once merry foursome will become a trio. We've got a spot open, if anyone wants to apply.

    Moonstone Application Form

    Yeah, that's it. I'm kind of sad to post this, because Fluffy's a really good friend- just not a good business partner.
    -Lily out.
Fluffy Puppy
4/2/2012 12:04:22 pm

I was glad to be part of the team! Its sad i have to leave :( Im really sorry for not being a good moonstone to all of the moonstones. I hope everyone would be good friends with me even though im not part of this website anymore. I was hoping to participate more over the brake because of all the things that I had to do when we were actually in school. I hope everyone understands. And I also look forward to who the next moonstone will be! I hope that they are better then me! I will definitely continue being a moonstone fan!


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