I'm in such a good mood today! If you type in silentmoonstone on Google (no spaces) you'll find our site! Ice Cream actually figured that out, so credit goes to her, but I informed Google about our site, so it's kinda half and half. And also, we had more than 200 visitors yesterday! WHOOOOOOO! Oh, and thanks to Liana, who put a link to  our website on hers. I think that may helped with the visitors. But still, thanks to our faithful viewers who check every day (Shruti) and comment (Shruti). Oh, by the way, Ice Cream and Fluffy used to blog the most, but now they blog the least. NO ONE blogs! Except me. I'll always blog. Even if I have pneumonia. I'll dictate and get Ice Cream to type. Anyway, rambling. Hope you like my new doll, bye!
1/29/2011 12:22:17 am

That's soo cool, Moonstones! I'm
gonna try it!

9/3/2012 03:48:59 am

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