I'm trying to update more blog posts than needed, because I can't put up short stories right now. 
Guessing by the title, you can tell that we have a project on our hands.  So, basically Lily, Nimrod and I were experimenting with garage band, (music making software), on my computer by testing the tuning effects and instruments.  Unfortunately, a song has not been written yet so we can't actually record a theme, and even though I see Silver and Lily from time to time, I haven't seen Fluffy for ages, and all four of us haven't a chance to meet. Writing a song has been quite difficult.  I have quite a bit of studying and schoolwork as do the other gal pals, and in the time that I do, I am unable to come up with something that doesn't sound stupid or like a theme for a tv show written for little children, (of course the Arthur theme could be an actual song).  I'd like a theme song that obviously is about the Silent Moonstones, but could also be a regular song, or something fun and creative. Of course all the moonstones will be singing, and we may feature Nimrod! Here are the few weird lyrics I could come up with: (they could be lines in a rap, or simply the main chorus as well), some of these are spelled wrong on PURPOSE! 
Hush Up, the Moonstones are in da house!
Do ya wanna be a moonstone? Do ya really wanna?
We are the silent moonstones. (so creative right?)
Don't talk, don't say a word, hush up!
Mmmm-Mooooonstone! mmm mmm Moooooooooonstone! Yo dawg, Nimrod here and I wanna tell you a little somethin, can ya hear me?
That's all I got so far, I know its laughable but the theme will be pretty good. (I hope!)
Later chiquitas! 
~Ice Cream Out!

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