Hi guys, I'm very sorry because of my grammar ahead of time. I'm not in USA anymore cause I'm on vacation. This message is actually a secret thing from my family because I cant use WIFI unless it is like super important. I want to post more and get more stuff on the website but I can never use the WIFI. Oh my god, this is so boring. I'm being boring right? Well, what should I say? There is a wedding this sunday and its my uncles, it is also the last wedding for some time on my dad's side. Haha, big joke. Anyway, the wedding is in 3 days and my mom both the clothing pieces for my dress but didn't get them stiched yet. She made her own design for me and it is taking a while. So far, my dad is super mad at her because my brother dosn't even have his cloths yet. So, how is your vacation so far guys? Tell me!!!

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