Hey guys,
It's me, Fluffy. I know you haven't heard from me in a while, but i have a great excuse: HIGH SCHOOL! I'm sure the other moonstone's know how high school is, especially in 9th grade. I think they are dealing with it very well, but I, on the other hand, am freaking out, and stressing over everything. I want to post more, but I NEVER get the time. I have dance, and we have a dance recital coming up. I'll make sure that every visitor can get to see the amazing dance side of me (which isn't me). I think I have everything under control in school business. Did you know, today's the only day I have homework from only 2 classes. That's got to be a record. Oh well, enough about school, right?
Anyway, anyone know whats coming up very soon? Well, I think you all know. Maybe, not everyone. I don't know. For all of you who don't know me, I'm Fluffy, the stupid, boring one. Maybe all groups need that. But, I love everyone of my moonstones.
Little question. P.S. I would love some feedback.
Question: What do you love, and what do you think about my boring side? (the first question is better, although it is very broad. I'm sure everyone can handle it.)
I love everyone ~Fluffy Puppy
(I already know about the weird name, but you are still free to comment.) :)
9/26/2011 23:58:50

Fluffy! You are not boring; I would say that you are the crazy one out of all of us. I miss you so much, and I'm sure all the other Moonstones miss you too.

Ice Cream
9/28/2011 09:34:48

I miss you fluff stuff! Haven't see you for ages, but I'm going to see you soon. (did you catch the hint?) and I thought I was the crazy one?

9/30/2011 00:54:35

Moonstones is capitalized. And we're in high school too, and we still post sometimes. Did you get the hint, Fluffy- I already told you, but knowing you, you'll be like.... whaaaa?


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