Im really sorry Lily and yah im really board and got nothing to do. Yesterday, I went to dance and I ended up on the bed right after i came back. The class was so tiring. How have you guys been for the long time I have been out. Sorry for missing and not checking or posting on the website. I'm thinking of putting up vlogs JUST from me because Lily, Ice Cream, and Silver already have their own stuff. I dont know, you guys tell me what I should do. Comment, I need it.
    -Fluffy Puppy
1/3/2011 02:18:05 am

Hi Fluffy! Lily will totally kill you for making all those spelling mistakes. ;) I think you should just comment and check you website whenever you can.That's what I would do.


Oh yes I will kill you Fluffy. And why did you delete the "short massage" message? We literally rofl-ed at it.

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid... >:)

Don't worry. I won't kill you because killing would be mean. But, did you spell board wrong on purpose?
-Ice Cream

1/3/2011 03:25:14 am

Again, "the website" did not meet up. It was for the project. Also, again, do you even know what sneer means?

Lily and Silver
1/3/2011 03:26:55 am

Do you do bad grammar on purpose? All you need is to do it correctly while you are TYPING!

1/4/2011 12:20:11 pm

Last comment. Next time you have such bad grammmar, I will delete your whole POST!


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