I have to retype this post again because I  clicked something and I didn't save a draft.  Since I don't want to type the whole thing again I will just give you a shorter yet just as informative recap.  I went to Florida to visit my newly wed cousin and brother-in-law.  I'm one of the youngest on my dad's side of the family including second cousins.  We went to a few beaches and a huge outlet mall where I got some new clothes, (Yay!)  I also went to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal!  It was crowded but not as crowded as Thanksgiving or Christmas was, at least I've heard.  I bought peppermint toads, because Lily gave me some to taste from when she went and they were yum.  I also got a t-shirt.  Can you believe there were lines to get into stores?  We went in the morning, but since I was the only crazed Harry Potter fan they wanted to go do other stuff.  We came back in the evening to go to the stores and do the Flight of The Hippogriff.  The only ride that wasn't crowded the whole time was the Dragon Challenge.  It isn't as scary as it looks so I totally recommend it.  Its too bad I had to miss the dance recital Silver talked about but there will be others!  Anyways,  I will be posting again since my Vacation is over and we will be getting back to school.  I think all of us are a relieved to go back (except Silver)!  I will be tweeting more from now on too!  Plus, Lily mentioned to me about how you guys can get a Silent Moonstone app on your iPhone or itouch!  We will give you more info on that later.  I am also thinking maybe we could create a mailing list or something for a newsletter or simply something that lets you know when we update a story or add a new feature. I want to send a shout out to two of our most dedicated site users.  Kate and Shruti thanks for being there.  Also to Lily, you've kept us going!  
~Ice Cream

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