_    Ello, everyone. I meant ello as in "hello" with a Cockney accent, but seeing it capitalized without the ' in the beginning brings back a certain memory.
    So today, my younger sister was reading my second-grade journal. You know, the ones they make you keep in elementary school. I was talking about my Christmas presents and mentioned this toy called Ello. It's kind of a girls' version of Lego, and it's really fun. Anyway, I got one of those for Christmas in second grade and played with it. One day a couple months ago in dance class. one of my friends was playing with two Ello pieces. and we struck up a conversation about Ello. Rather pointless memory, but it fills up space here. :D You see? It doesn't work in this font. It's like typing, 'Yo dawg, you from da hood?" in this font. See how out of place that looks?
    I've been so bored lately. I don't feel like doing anything. We have so much homework. I finished reading all of teenage.tradgedy's fanfictions, and now I', kind of lost. Does anyone recommend a good Fanfiction.net author? Or a good book?
     You see, I'm so boring I have nothing to write about now. So I'll just go. But before I do I'll tell you that I'm working on memorizing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I've got seven sentences memorized so far.
(If we change the theme to one with a white background and you can't read who it is above, this is Lily. My alias looks so awesome in this font. :D, dawgs.)

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