I really, really hate that title. It sounds so preppy and cliche-y for some reason.
    Anyway, it's Lily. I just felt like I should really post right now. Like right now. With all my piles of homework (I actually don't have that much, it just feels like a lot.)
    So, I've been watching these tutorials on Youtube by QueenBeeuty, who stopped making videos about a month ago. She has a lot of vlogs and DIY tutorials... yeah, her username is a bit misleading.
    Which leads me to the subject of this post: how would you like us to start doing DIY posts? I've been considering it for a while now. First it can be just me, and then maybe Silver. I don't think it's really Icy's thing, but she's welcome to join in, and Fluffy doesn't have the willpower to make a video. (But feel free to prove me wrong, Fluffy.)
    First I should probably find my camera's charger. I am such an idiot- I got this beautiful new camera and then I lost the charger.
    And, if I take the effort to make a DIY video, I can probably start doing vlogs too. I mean, I'd like to do them with all the moonstones, but I can do a couple on my own. QueenBeeuty has really awesome ones. And she can actually use Photoshop.
    So, please vote in the poll below- it takes one click, people!
And if you're wondering about the awful colors, I literally waved my finger around on the touchpad and clicked.

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