HI guys, Silver here, and I'm in lunch class right now. I was out of school for ONE day and I suddenly have 2 projects, a quiz I need to make up, 5 homework packets and a test TOMORROW! Teachers here give A LOT of work. I have certainly learned my lesson from this, and that is to avoid missing anymore days of school, because I have absolutely NO IDEA about what we're doing in math class right now, and I have to go to a help session after school. The only good thing about this is that I managed to get all my missing assignments in, and I got to browse the internet and watch T.V all day yesterday. I also finally have a short story written for y'all (yes; I am mimicking a southern accent) and I will try to put it up as soon as I get home. My language arts teacher said that she would help me edit my stories so that Lily won't be on my back about the grammatical mistakes in them. The new contest should also be up by this evening. Sorry y'all had to wait so long to see the website decorations; I forgot to push the publish button, and I only realized today :P.
Hasta Pronto!
- Silver

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