First of all,
Thanks for understanding Silver! (Sarcasm) But, back to the main point! I'm proud to say that I could keep my promise for this week. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILVER!! Now you the same age as us, but only for a while. For anyone who has been waiting for a story by me (probably no one), it will be up by Sunday or tomorrow. I will also try doing the contest, which I totally volunteered for. Anyway, did anyone watch Zaid Ali in my last post? I want to know any other youtubers that you guys may know. I would love to hear. This weekend, Silver is had a party. Guess what we did? We watched a horror movie. Its called The Women in Black. Silver almost ripped my hand off during the movie because she was pulling so hard. Thanks Silver. I think the one who was most chill about the movie was Ice Cream. I'm guessing that Lily and I were equally scared. I think I'll go sleep now. I'm so tired, I just came home.
Fluffy :)

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