So, today I discovered I was moving to Ohio! My dad got a job transfer there, because his company is opening a new branch and they moved some people from other states there. Anyways, my dad wants me to go to this school there, which is really strict. The uniforms are UGLY! They're these ankle length khaki skirts and these pink frilly blouses.  There are only like 300 kids there and its just 10-12 grade! I'm leaving after this summer which means I'll have to say goodbye to my friends after this school year, because we're on vacation this  summer! So, this is goodbye my friends.

Happy April Fools day! Ok, lame joke but I had to do something. Besides,you already saw Lily's joke which was pretty funny. I obviously didn't fall for it because there was no way that could happen unless she hit her head REALLY hard. So, I haven't been on lately, but since its spring break, we have lots of posting time! Maximum Wootage!
(I don't say that but one of my weird friends does.)
~Ice Cream out~
4/1/2012 01:18:33 pm

3 Moonstones posting on the same day! What are the odds!?


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